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My approach to helping is directly inspired by the challenges of modern life. Social media, technology addiction, and disconnection from meaningful relationships combined with increasingly fast-paced lives have left many of us feeling chronically overwhelmed and unfulfilled. We spend a lot of mental energy trying to convince ourselves and others that we are normal or special. We struggle to accept our limitations and to process in a healthy way the normal discomfort that comes from ordinary daily life. My passion is helping people discover how their life came to feel so small, stuck or empty and to help them create a new map, one that hopefully leads them back home, to a solid sense of self. I love when people realize they have choices where they thought they had none or discover that they get to choose to create a life that doesn't consume them. It is a joy to teach people how to hold the tension of both beauty and sorrow and that being present to your emotions is the hidden path forward.


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